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Xtreme Craze gives back to the community

Xtreme Craze is locally owned and operated and we love to give back!

Xtreme Craze donations
Xtreme Craze sponsorships
Xtreme Craze Fundraisers



Xtreme Craze takes pride in supporting our local community by donating to your event!

Please click here to fill out a donation request form, and Xtreme Craze will donate Free Laser Tag Passes

Sponsor a 3 hour time frame to host your event on any available Wednesday.

  • This is a great way to have fun with friends while supporting a case.

  • Based on the amount of revenue generated from Laser Tag and Crazy Zone sales, up to 33% of the proceeds get donated directly to your cause

Baseball, basketball, cheer, etc...we love them ALL!

  • Please feel free to contact us about sponsoring your team or league.

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